Pratt Barrass

Re-designing a professional and stylish online persona for a Surry Hills Property Management expert with a brand, brand strategy and website to deliver a competitive edge in a competitive location.

Branding Website Materials

Pratt Barrass, a Surry Hills Property Management expert, needed a re-design of their online persona to establish a competitive edge in the highly competitive market of Surry Hills. Our team was tasked with creating a brand, brand strategy, and website that would help them stand out and establish an authoritative online presence.

To achieve this, we developed a brand positioning statement that captured the unique selling proposition of Pratt Barrass. This statement formed the foundation of the brand strategy, which aimed to position the company as a leader in the Surry Hills Property Management market space.


Next, we created a modern and innovative website that reflected the brand's personality. The website featured a cool and classic colour scheme with a contemporary design that appealed to the target audience. The website was designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, providing visitors with a seamless experience when browsing through the services and offerings of Pratt Barrass.

The new branding and website created an instantly identifiable brand for Pratt Barrass, giving them a professional and authoritative online persona. This helped them establish a competitive edge in the highly competitive Surry Hills Property Management market space.

The brand's modern and innovative image appealed to the target audience and positioned Pratt Barrass as a trusted and reliable expert in their field.



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