Nic Yates

Promoting an agent part of a franchise group through a personal brand strategy, digital microsite and marketing campaigns while retaining the master brand visual language to help him grow leads and his client base.

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Elevating an individual agent's brand within the larger framework of The Agency, we embarked on a journey with Nic Yates to amplify his personal brand essence centred around the powerful theme, 'Expect Better.' This core messaging not only encapsulated Nic's commitment to excellence but also resonated with The Agency's overarching ethos.

To fortify Nic's online presence and create a distinct hub for his clientele, we conceptualised and developed a microsite. This microsite served as a dedicated platform to not only showcase Nic's individual expertise and services but also acted as a lead-generation tool. Integrated seamlessly with his CRM, the microsite provided a tailored experience for visitors, directing them to the broader offerings presented on The Agency's master brand website.



Our marketing campaigns were crafted with a multi-layered strategy. The primary objective was to drive targeted traffic and enhance brand awareness, a goal achieved through a combination of digital marketing channels. From social media to search engine advertising, each campaign was meticulously designed to resonate with the specific demographics and preferences of the Mosman area in Sydney.


The strategic approach went beyond mere awareness, incorporating retargeting tactics to capture hot leads. By leveraging data analytics and audience insights, our retargeting campaigns pinpointed individuals who had shown interest, ensuring a more personalised and effective engagement strategy.

This comprehensive marketing effort seamlessly blended Nic Yates' personal brand journey with The Agency's overarching narrative, creating a harmonious and impactful synergy that not only elevated Nic's visibility but also contributed to the broader success of The Agency in the competitive real estate landscape.




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