Creating a brand, strategy, marketing and digital platform to help customers discover and purchase the great Australian dream, positioning the portal as the go-to resource for regional property content.

Brand Strategy Branding Website Materials Marketing Content

GoRegional is a brand new platform designed to help customers discover and purchase their dream regional property. The brand was created to champion the regional lifestyle of Australia and to communicate the benefits of this lifestyle to potential buyers. Our team worked closely with the founders to create a brand strategy that would position GoRegional as the go-to resource for regional property content.

The brand strategy was created with the aim of attracting both buyers and agents to the platform. We identified the key benefits of the platform, such as the ability to offer regional-specific content, and created a messaging framework that would communicate these benefits to both audiences. The messaging framework was then used to create marketing campaigns that targeted both buyers, agents and agencies. 



In addition to the brand and marketing strategy, we also created a digital portal that was designed to help agents and agencies attract buyers. The portal was designed to be a far more targeted way to upload properties than other portals such as REA and Domain. The portal allows agents and agencies to upload regional-specific properties, making it easier for buyers to find the perfect regional property for them.

We also designed and developed a market-leading website that was specifically designed to work for buyers, agents and agencies. The site was designed to be scalable and grow as the platform grew. It was also designed to be user-friendly, with a focus on lead generation and showcasing the brand in the best possible light.


Finally, we created marketing campaigns to attract agents and agencies to the benefits of using GoRegional over other portals. The campaigns were designed to be highly targeted, with a focus on the key benefits of the platform. The campaigns were run across social media, search and display advertising, and included video ads to showcase the benefits of the platform to potential users.

The project was a huge success, with GoRegional quickly becoming the go-to resource for regional property content. The brand, website, and marketing campaigns were all highly effective in attracting both buyers and agents to the platform, and the platform itself has been praised for its ease of use and ability to offer highly targeted regional content and results for regional property agents. 





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