Reinvigorating a century-old brand by going back to the basics.


Fletchers is an award-winning real estate agency who pride themselves on their established reputation and family-oriented values. Their consistent adaptation to change is combined with strong customer service to maintain their place at the top of the market. Push was approached to refresh the company’s visual identity to coincide with their upcoming centenary milestone


Our legacy of collaboration with the client identified key objectives for the rebrand. Customer recognition provides the best leverage for a heritage brand. Preserving this image was imperative to enhance the company. Fletchers required a unified brand language to clearly communicate their premium service products consistently and regularly. We needed to position Fletchers as a leading generational brand by connecting company values to those of their clients. This led our strategy to revolve around the concept of creating ‘clients for life’ to increase user engagement across new and existing markets.


Led by the brand tagline, ‘It’s A Fletchers Thing’, Push developed an ownable tone of voice and style to infuse personability and relatability into the brand. We revitalised the colour palette and combined this with bold, assertive typography and a striking pattern to differentiate from local competition. Historic imagery provided by Fletchers was exhibited in various print materials alongside this logo to illustrate the agency’s evolution and reputation.

To express the brand’s service commitment to the community, we crafted a 100-year stamp as a seal of approval to encourage consumer trust in the brand. Push then produced a series of marketing messages to further the flexibility of future campaigns. The final outcome was an effective rebrand that resonated with clients, which solidified an ongoing partnership that places Push as the first point of call for new marketing campaigns. Keeping our client satisfaction and confidence high is what we do best.

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