Transforming one of Australia's leading boutique agencies with a brand strategy, branding and marketing materials to match their excellence across Canada Bay and continue their market domination.

Brand Strategy Branding Website Materials

The new brand we created for this leading agency is centred around the concept of excellence, which is only the beginning of what clients can expect from their services. Our brand strategy is designed to elevate the perception of the brand and showcase their market position in Canada Bay. The new brand language is flexible yet consistent, which enables the agency to communicate their core brand position effectively across all marketing channels.

To bring this new brand to life, we created a premium look and feel that captures the essence of the agency's excellence in service. The new branding features sleek, modern typography, bold imagery, and a distinctive colour palette. 


Our team also created marketing materials such as brochures and signboards to ensure a cohesive and consistent brand experience across all touch-points.

In addition to marketing materials, we also developed social media assets that reflect the agency's premium brand position. These assets include social media banners, profile pictures, and posts that showcase the agency's expertise and position them as thought leaders in the industry.



Our team also designed and developed a new website for the agency, which features a clean, modern layout, optimised for lead generation. The website is fully responsive, ensuring a seamless user experience across all devices. We implemented SEO best practices to help the agency rank higher in search engine results and integrated all the necessary tools for an agency to manage their website effectively.

Overall, our new brand creation, brand strategy, marketing materials, social assets, and website design and development have transformed this leading agency into a true industry powerhouse.

The new brand captures the essence of the agency's excellence in service and provides a flexible yet consistent brand language that enables them to communicate their core brand position effectively across all marketing channels. The result is a brand that stands out from the competition and drives business growth.



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